Can I choose a single (or various) service rather than a planned package?

Of course you can. While we do recommend our clients to choose a package because it is cheaper overall with a lot of services combined, if you wish for a single service we can give you a quote at any time.

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Do I have to register anywhere to begin?

You don't need to. All you have to do is contact us in regards for a service and we can go through the registration for you. We won't make you do the work!

Can I change my package after I have already begun with one?

Once the contract length of the package ends, you may choose to terminate, upgrade or degrade the package.

I have multiple projects planned, and will require multiple packages, is there a discount?

We are more than happy to provide discounts for our existing clients. Therefore, if you have more than one package, we can offer you discounts on others or offer various services for free.

How does the whole project process happen?

We will start your project immediately after the deposit is made alongside the signing of the contract. When your project is 50% ready, we will show you our progress for tweaks, changes and overall review. Once this stage is complete, we will carry on progressing until the website is finished. Depending on how the service(s) were agreed to, we will setup your website and launch when you are ready (alongside other services) or hand over the files, once we receive the rest of final payment.

Can I customize my website, and have specific features?

We are more than capable of developing various features and allow for client customization. Your input is vital for us, so feel free.
After our services are complete, we do offer support depending on the planned package taken. We are happy to add additional (but similar) content. However, if the content is beyond the difficulty of the agreed (previous) services, an additional payment will be required.

How are payments made?

We will agree on a payment method when discussing the agreement document. Primarily, we take payments through PayPal and GoCardless.

Can I cancel any services that I have signed to?

We are more than happy to cancel any services agreed and signed to, alongside the full deposit returned, within 7 days (168 hours). If a cancellation occurs after that time period, the deposit cannot be returned and will unfortunately be charged. If requested, the incomplete services may be requested depending on what they are. If you wish to cancel any post-planned services, you must notify us 14 days (336 hours) before the deadline and the deposit can be returned, otherwise not.

What is the difference between Web Designing and Web Developing?

To simply put it, Web Designing refers to the external part of a website, and Web Developing to the internal. The design aspect essentially refers to the user interface - what you see on the outside. The developing aspect refers to the functions that occur on the background - for example what happens when you click a button on a form.