The first advice we would give is to be prepared for this project. If you do decide to work with us hiring any service, we will require some information in regards to what you do. We will probably require any resources you have for us such as a logo or your full contact information. The entire process can be shortened depending on how ready you are.


Please understand that depending on your project or business, our impact may vary. We will always try our very best in providing excellent services for you.
To this date, our work has successfully impacted businesses, especially with SEO. Your workload may increase to a greater level, so we advise you to be prepared for that as well.


We recommend many of our services to all projects and businesses. We know that the packages have atleast some positive effects early on, which increases as time passes. We can:

  • Help improve your project or company's visibility and image.
  • Provide you with a better web-based structure and work process.
  • Enhance your business' social aspects.
  • Provide modern and attractive graphical works

These are some positive effects we can have on your company however...

These effects may not develop as quickly. A lot of factors effect this speed. We encourage projects and businesses which are unique, provide various services and are generally different to others to have websites. This is because they already stand out, our job is to make them more visible and attractive.

That being said, we can also help your project or business stand out a lot more, and become unique, when compared to others. Regardless of the current state.


Remember that you can always contact us regarding any of our services. Feel free to 'Contact Us' at any time.


If you want to enhance your project or business in various ways, and dedicated in what you do, we would recommend hiring our services.


If you have any questions, doubts or general enquiries, feel free to contact us!

We can also give you a free quote on any services or planned packages.

Contact Us

You decide on the service(s) you wish to hire us for. Remember, we are always here to discuss how we can best effect your project or business.
Once the contract is signed and the deposit is made, we can immediately begin the work.
The deposit is 25% of the total payment for single payment services, or half of the first month's payment if it is recurring monthly such as SEO.


When the work reaches around 50% in progress - typically when the base design and structure (all pages active), we will preview our progress to you. This is the point at which you can change what you don't like, offer alternatives and provide general feedback to us. We're always willing to improve on the work based on how you want it to be.


Once the website becomes complete and ready to launch, we preview it one last time for any last changes. At this point the rest of the full payment will be demanded to finalize. If it is a package, we are able to host the website for you and cover any expenses. If not, we are still willing to setup the website and prepare it with your host. At this point our services are complete. If a planned package is taken, our SEO work will begin as well as the site maintenance and social marketing process.

Feel ready?

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