The 'Client Area' a short term referring to our client management system. Simply, you can access any of the services we do for you through this system. You can also contact us at any time with the area using the ticket system. You may also track our progress and any updates regarding the services, including downloads of your services at any point of time!

The 'About Us' page gives you comprehensive knowledge about us. It includes historical information regarding us, and the services we have (including why we do this). It is so you get familiar with us as a whole.

The 'Portfolio' is a collection of works done by us placed carefully to show our visitors about our previous services. It contains the past websites, designs, graphics etc. we have done.

The page of 'Our Team' is so you can have some insight into our team individually. Each of our dedicated webmasters have put some information about themselves, what they do and their area of expertise.

The 'Projects' page shows our current projects and what we're working on. Even if we don't have any current clients, we tend to develop projects (typically applications/software), and spend our extra time programming.

The Terms and Conditions page.

The Privacy Policy page.

The 'FAQ' page (Frequently Asked Questions) will hopefully answer any questions you have when wanting immediate answers. We will keep updating them the more questions and enquiries we get so we don't keep you waiting.

The 'Contact Us' page gives you information on how you can get a hold of us. You may choose to contact us in three seperate ways. Either through the phone, through email in our contact page or address, and finally through our ticket system (though you have to be an existing client to do so).